Winter storm rocks Norwegian Cruise ship and the videos are horrifying

The Norwegian Breakaway
Image: NOrwegian Cruise path

As a strong ‘bomb cyclone’ ruined the U.S. East Coast with snow and high winds the coming week, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship voyaged right into its footpath, granting thousands of passengers a fearsome knowledge they aren’t likely to forget.

Passengers on the Norwegian Breakaway cruise were treated to inhuman motions, breezes, rain, and flooding for multiple daytimes as the ship became its path to New York City, steering right into the tornado that prepared headlines all week, passengers told CBS New York Friday. The videos that fares shared are harrowing.

Some were more in awe of the boat-rocking movements than afraid of them.

Even if fares steered clear of the deck and spaces on the sail, the raid of torrent generated flooding, and one fare shared a video demonstrating working ocean on the carpeted flooring and more leaking through the ceiling.

Passengers who spoke to CBS New York shared fibs of people exclaiming and throwing up, and general panic.

“When you’re on a craft in the middle of the atlantic provinces and ocean is swarming down the stairs, you’re visualizing ‘this is not going to end well, ‘” passenger Karoline Ross told CBS New York . “This was the worst time of my life.”

“I’m totally traumatized, ” passenger Emma Franzese told CBS New York . “I’ll never go on any kind of craft again in my life after this.”

After the tumultuous tour, Norwegian Cruise Line rationalized to clients in two statements, saying the vessel “encountered stronger than forecasted weather conditions.” Though as meteorologists were quick to memorandum on social media, the gust was well-forecast, and the ship should not have been in that location.

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