Tree Cameras Show The Madness Our Animal Friends Get Up To When No One’s Looking

Trail cameras are an important tool for both hunters and researchers alike.

If they’re hidden well, they can blend in with the smothers and show us exactly what our animal friends are up to when we’re not around.

Most of the time it’s jolly boring, “but theres” tree cameras out there that have caught some jolly amusing happenings going on with our furry friends in the dark. Here are 15 of the best.

1. This photo was taken in South africans, proving a water buffalo and a wild cat going along way better than they should.

2. “You’re interrupting our gratify! ” What do you think the deer are scheming?

3. I operate calling when I verify a cockroach, so I can’t truly blame this honey for freaking out when a hovering squirrel attempts from the sky.

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Flickr/ Florida Fish& Wildlife

Reddit/ jdaher

Imgur/ multijanus

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Reddit/ jalogan1

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