These Siberian Farm Cats Posing In The Snow Are Just Too Gorgeous For Words

In the settlement of Prigorodny in western Siberia, there’s a mystical neighbourhood where dazing “cat-o-nine-tails” live on a farm their owner referred to as “Koshlandia, ” or the district of felines. The figure couldn’t be more fitting, as you’ll soon see.

Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva and her husband, Sergey, have invested the last ten years promoting “cat-o-nine-tails” on their farm, where the animals prowl free. Lebedeva has so many kittens living on her property, in fact, that she jokingly says she has “a million, maybe more.” The Siberian cats she attends for look so beautiful that she can’t assistance but record them in countless photos and videos against a snowy backdrop.

To call them majestic would be a severe understatement.

But Lebedeva “says hes” act a greater purpose than merely being furry models.

“Our cats keep the chickens and rabbits from both rats and mouse, ” she told The Siberian Times.

Though they’re wild, in a sense, they still enjoy their favorite human. “They recognise me as the head of their ‘pride’, and they all obey me.” Lebedeva said

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