Sterling K. Brown Is The First Black Man To Win Golden Globe For Best Actor In Drama TV Series

Sterling K. Brown shaped Golden Globes biography on Sunday night when he took home the gift for Best Actor in a Drama TV series. Brown, who prevailed for his persona as Randall in NBC’s “This Is Us, ” is the first pitch-black boy to acquire the accolade in the ceremony’s 75 -year history.

In his acceptance speech, Brown thanked his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe before he “r[ a] n out of time”( something he didn’t get a chance to do at the Emmys ), predicted his kids to take them to institution in the morning, and underscored the importance of intentional representation in Hollywood.

Brown thanked “This is Us” creator Dan Fogelman for crafting an inclusive persona specific for a pitch-black man.

“Throughout the majority of my career, I’ve benefited from colorblind casting, ” Brown said. “But Dan Fogleman, you wrote a role for a pitch-black humankind that can only be played by a pitch-black gentleman, and so what I realize so much better about this thing is that I’m being met for who I am and I’m being appreciated for who I am. That constitutes it that much more difficult to reject me or reject anyone who consider this to be me.”

This historic win was Brown’s first Golden Globe. In 2017, he was nominated for Best Substantiating Actor in a Limited Series.

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