‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ played in a major chord sounds extremely… wrong

When Nirvana put under “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in 1991, it became one of the characterizing songs of a decade and an carol for disaffected Generation Xers everywhere.

And now, 27 years later, one key change has completely destroyed it.

Sleep Good, a musician from Austin, Texas, took Nirvana’s classic lyric, and remixed it all in a major chord. The outcome is striking. Instead of the moody, rage-filled pop, it sounds like a chant off of Weezer’s recent albums. It sounds like something from New Found Glory. It chimes … distressing.

It was a cold situation for Sleep Good to exactly cease this video on Vimeo, with a description that only says, “a pop punk band from La Jolla, CA, ” and then peace out without any further explanation or solace. Sleep Good single-handedly unlaced everything we remember about our fuzzy early years and ousted it with the reverberates of a mid-2 000 s MTV beach party.

Where do we go from here? And in what key?

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