Norwegians troll Trump over sh*thole comments

Norwegians have a surprising meaning for Donald Trump, following reports the president claimed he “d rather” receive immigrants “from situates like Norway” instead of, what he called, “shithole countries” in South America and Africa.

” Haiti? Why do we want parties from Haiti here? ” Trump was reported to have said in an Oval Office meeting on in-migration improve, according to two people who spoke with the Washington Post .( While Trump disavowed the comment on Twitter, Sen. Dick Durbin( D-Ill .) has confirmed the detail .)

“Why do we want these beings from all these sh* thole countries here? ” he then allegedly said of African countries. “We should have more people from places like Norway .”

The offensive usage and observations effected an international arguing and furthered the issue of the president’s mental fitness for the job.

As citizens of the richest Scandinavian country, appointed the happiest and more prosperous country to live in, Norwegians experience free healthcare and college tuition. They took to Twitter to tell the president just what they was just thinking about moving to the U.S.

Even some Americans joined in.

In 2016, precisely 895 Americans endeavoured to Norway, while 502 Norwegians moved to the Regime.

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