Kind Woman Takes Her Uber Driver To Rio To See His Son Compete In The Olympics

Business traveler Liz Willock was on her way to Philadelphia last week from Chicago when she missed her flight.

By chance, she got Ellis Hill as her Uber driver and the two struck up a conversation about each other’s work, and then about sports.


Liz mentioned that she knew someone competing at the Olympics.

Ellis responded that he did too — his only kid, Darrell, a shot putter for team USA.


Liz asked him whether he was going to Rio to see Darrell compete, but Ellis confessed that he wasn’t able to afford it.

“It just made me sad because any loving parent would want to see their child compete in the Olympics,” Liz shared.

In a snap decision she asked him, “If I could get you to Rio, would you go?”


She then set up a GoFundMe page for expenses and helped Ellis secure a passport.

Ellis plans to leave for Rio on the 15th, thanks to hundreds of generous donations.


Ellis says that meeting Liz just reaffirmed what he’s always believed about people.

“People are people, so until they do something different, you expect the best out of them,” he said. “It’s an awesome thing.”