Jimmy Kimmel perfectly rips Trump over Oscars ratings

Professional scrap talkers, Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump .

Image: Alex Wong/ Getty Images-Jennifer Lourie/ WireImage

Maybe President Trump shouldn’t blame anyone over ratings.

Donald Trump has a storied history of disliking the Oscars, so it’s not exactly surprising he’d attack off a tweet when it was announced that the Academy Awards continued its newfound habit of diminishing ratings in 2018.

Oh, and Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year, which are normally uses his late nighttime talk depict to rip Trump.

“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY, ” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning. “Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President( just kidding, of course )! “

But Trump probably wasn’t kidding. He’s an egomaniac, haunted with popularity, and is using the most important one office of the country to boast and brag about how favourite he is.

While Trump is a highly qualified trash talker, Jimmy Kimmel is a goddamn humorist. He greeted gracefully by first thanking Trump, and holding him a little part of his own medication.


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