Columbia unveiled incredible ‘Star Wars’ coats inspired by ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Image: via Columbia

Remember that time Luke Skywalker got so cold on Hoth he had to carve out that poor Tauntaun’s intestines and sleep inside its carcass precisely to stay warm.

Well, what if you are able wear a coating same to his ?!?!?

That’s pretty much what robing firm Columbia is trying to do with the release of three new coats all inspired by Episode V of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Image: via Columbia

Columbia has exhausted limited quantities of a wintertime outerwear collect based on the classic paraphernalium worn by Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back film.

Last year Columbia sold a same collecting of outerwear based on the wardrobe of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story reputations.

This new Columbia Echo Base collection includes two jackets and a parka that looks warmer than Chewbacca’s fur. Each part is raincoat and comes with Columbia’s Omni-Heat reflective fabric meant to conserve body heat. The gear is actually fairly elegant and plea, specially if you’ve always dreamed of wearing Rebel Alliance gear.

The coats include slight shoutouts to the series including the rebel partnership logo and patches that have quotes from the movie. The Echo Base collection will be available on Dec. 8 and will retail for about $400.

Don’t get wrapped up like an AT-AT on Hoth and forget to save the day because there will only be 1,980 clothes available.

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