2 Years Ago This Guy Rescued A Gosling, Now She Never Leaves His Side

Mike Jivanjee didn’t think twice about rescuing a tiny gosling that he found drowning in Lake Oswego, Oregon, US. But he didn’t realize he’d just made a friend for life.

Mike named the fluffy baby goose Kyle and took her home, planning to nurse her back to health, and set her free.


But two years on, Kyle, who clearly decided she’d found a firm friend in Mike, is going nowhere.

He’s tried to return her to the lake and reunite her with her lost family, but Kyle just waddles back to Mike’s home and waits patiently for him to return.


So now the two are always together and they go on all sorts of adventures.


Mike says Kyle even gets protective of her favorite human, especially around other women.

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“When girls come around and she sense they’re a threat, she lets them know. She’s smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren’t.”

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And even though Mike tries to play it cool, saying there’s “not a lot he can do” about Kyle, he admits he’s totally smitten with his birdy pal.

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Watch the full video of this unlikely friendship below.

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